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Strong, elegant aluminum fencing provides years of high quality benefits and security.

Aluminum fencing comes with a long list of specialized features and benefits for the Savannah, Georgia area. High quality fencing for homes and businesses make a difference in the durability and investment you're making. We install aluminum fencing all across the region that are perfect for many different types of security needs and enhancements. Professionally crafted by the manufacturer, aluminum fencing is an attractive choice.

For every level of security and each unique design request, the fence experts at Veterans Fence Company are here to build your perfect fence.

Aluminum Fence - Savannah Georgia

Greater SavannahAluminum Fence Styles

Explore our variety of Aluminum fence styles to find the perfect match that complements your property's aesthetics and meets your specific needs.

Aluminum Fencing Key Features

Featuring a wide array of aluminum fences and gates, our products are crafted to brave Greater Savannah's diverse climatic conditions. Customize your aluminum fence using a range of accessories and special top details to align with your desired look.

Distinct from many competitors, our professional-grade aluminum rails stand out. Built from superior-grade aluminum, they come with a finish warranty against production flaws, ensuring no rusting, peeling, or flaking, unlike subpar aluminum rails. We source our aluminum fencing from leading manufacturers known for their high-quality aluminum offerings. The strength of our professional-grade rails matters to our customers, especially since inferior aluminum fences typically falter in this area.

In line with our rails and posts, we utilize top-notch aluminum pickets for our fence panels. While the top-tier manufacturing process of our pickets might have a slightly higher price point, it's worth noting that aluminum fences in Greater Savannah face significant wear and tear. Our superior pickets have shown resilience against these challenges.

For aluminum fences that remain durable and aesthetically pleasing, investing in quality pickets is essential. Standard on all our aluminum structures, including posts, rails, and pickets, is a scratch-resistant factory-applied powder coating that retains its finish and defends against the intense sun and climatic conditions of Greater Savannah.

Our adept fence specialists ensure that our high-grade aluminum posts are firmly embedded, ensuring your fence's stability for the long haul. Tailored for Greater Savannah's environment, the strength of our fences originates from these robust posts.

One of the secrets behind the enduring beauty and strength of our fences is the unparalleled quality of the aluminum we use, a favorite among Greater Savannah's homeowners and businesses.

key features of aluminum fencing in Savannah Georgia

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Popular Applications of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing in Savannah fits perfectly for a wide variety of applications.

Residential Aluminum Fence - Savannah Georgia

AluminumResidential Fencing

Install an elegant, strong aluminum fence at your home to enhance your curb appeal while creating a safe place for yourself, your children, and your pets.

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Savannah Georgia

AluminumCommercial Fencing

Businesses all across the Savannah area choose aluminum fencing due to its lightweight strength and customizable security features.

Common Uses For Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing works well in Savannah to accomplish many purposes for both residential and commercial properties alike!

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Aluminum Pool Fencing in Savannah Georgia

Aluminum Pool Fence

Aluminum fences are very popular for securing pool areas. They are designed to be very strong and resistant to rust with the powder coating, and they allow great visibility at the same time.

Aluminum Dog Fencing in Savannah Georgia

Aluminum Pet Fence

Aluminum fencing gives your pets a safe place to run and play without fear of escaping or being in danger. They are perfect borders that will last for years without maintenance!

Aluminum Decorative Fencing in Savannah Georgia

Aluminum Decorative Fence

Aluminum fences are the picture of elegance and most often are installed in a classy black look. You can choose from designs that are more modern or traditional to fit what you love most.

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Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are elegant, strong and durable and provide high quality benefits for years.

Aluminum Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Attractive

Aluminum fences are attractive and provide a look of elegance and style unmatched by other fence materials. Not only are they beautiful in design, but the longevity of their makeup keeps them looking brand new for their extended life. There is a variety of colors and designs that can be chosen with aluminum fences, and your unique tastes and property look can be matched very well.

Aluminum Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Lifetime Value

With an aluminum fence installed in Savannah, Georgia by Veterans Fence Company, you can relax knowing that you don't need to work to keep it clean and functional. The thick, powder-coated aluminum material protects the fence from top to bottom from weather and wear and won't chip or fade. The metal material can't warp or rot like wood can! You don't have to lift a finger to enjoy the security, privacy, and beauty that your fence gives.

Aluminum Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - variety of options

All across Greater Savannah, aluminum fences are installed in a variety of configurations and sizes. With various styles, colors, and decorative options available, you have the freedom to create a fence that complements your property's aesthetics. Choose from different heights, picket styles, and ornamental accents to personalize your fence and make it stand out from the rest.

Aluminum Fencing Benefits for Savannah, Georgia - Durable

Aluminum fencing is low-maintenance, so you can forget about ever painting or staining again! Available in various grade levels according to size and thickness, it is known for its elegance and longevity. Aluminum has the look of steel without the weight or the higher cost. With powder-coating technology, it is guaranteed not to rust, chip, peel or flake.

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Aluminum fences are a wonderful option for properties all across Georgia. They are durable, beautiful and function perfectly for security and other enhancements.

Visit our aluminum fences page for details about the styles we have available for Savannah, Georgia, or give our friendly fence experts a call to discuss your aluminum fencing questions and needs. We are sure to have multiple style options that will fit perfectly for your space and preferences.

To answer this question, you need to know the rules for your specific property's municipality. Every town and region has different rules about permitting and regulations for installing a fence. We can help! Call our office and speak to one of our fence professionals. They can help you find out exactly what's needed and what we know about turn around times in the Georgia area you live in.

Our aluminum fences are manufactured by Eastern Aluminum and are professionally engineered and produced for every fence they make.

Our aluminum fence manufacturer offers a variety of warranties based on type and style of fence, so be sure to check the exact terms when you decide which fence is right for you. We also offer a 10 year labor warranty on all of our aluminum fencing installations.

Our installation times vary based on the time of year and the amount of projects we have on our schedule, but you can be sure that our efficient fence installation team is on the job! Once your job is ready to go, it will normally take 1 to 2 days to complete, depending on the size and material determining the amount of labor needed. No matter what, our staff will be in contact with you through the whole process to keep you informed and prepared for your new fence.

Examples of our Aluminum Fences

Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
Savannah, Georgia Aluminum Fence
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