As you’re fence shopping for your Savannah area property, it can be challenging to understand all the features and benefits of each type of fence. With all of the factors to consider, it’s helpful when you can break down the differences between each type so we are here to do that for you! Let’s focus on the pros and cons of wood fencing in Savannah Georgia.

Wood Fences and The Georgia Climate

Though wood fences are the most popular type of fence in the Savannah, Georgia region, it doesn’t mean that wood fencing is automatically YOUR best choice. Each situation is different. Unlike other types of fencing, wood fences will eventually fail and will need to be replaced.  That being said, wood fences do weather the harsh Savannah area climate pretty well. With a little maintenance on your part, your wood fence will look great and remain in good condition for many years to come.  


Additional factors like the cost comparisons of wood fences to others like vinyl fence or aluminum fence can help you see whether or not it’s the best option for your budget and situation. Many Savannah area property owners ultimately choose wood fencing above the others for a variety of great reasons. 

How Strong Are Wood Fences?

The material of wood creates a strong fence in many cases. A few major factors play into the level of strength you will have. 


  1. Install Wood Fence Posts Properly
    A wood fence in Savannah Georgia is only as strong as the fence posts it’s attached to. This is one of the main reasons it is so important to hire a reputable fence company like Veterans Fence & Supply!  We have set many fence posts in the region and know the best methods for making sure they will last for year after year. 
  2. Fence Material Quality Should be Top Notch
    Many low-budget fence companies use lower-quality wood. This makes a big difference because the wood itself is less dense and has more imperfections, which creates a weaker product. When your wood fence in Savannah Georgia is installed this way, it may not stand up to the local climate as well or last as many years.  
  3. Correctly Fastened Wooden Boards
    Hardware quality also matters. Fence pickets and rails must be fastened properly using the proper exterior-grade hardware that will not break easily or rust and deteriorate. Always check with the company you hire to make sure they are using the proper components to give you the best investment for your fence.


These are some of the key components to knowing the strength of a wood fence in Savannah Georgia. Unless you hire Veterans Fence & Supply, we can’t guarantee that your fence company will follow the best procedures, but we can tell you exactly what you’ll receive from us – high quality fencing and experienced installation!


Styles of Wood Fence in Savannah Georgia

Wood fences are famous for being the most versatile type of fence you can build. The material is able to be customized much easier than other materials and it can be painted or stained to match nearly any situation. There are specific styles that are most commonly chosen by local homeowners. Let’s explore a few of the favorites here: 


Graphic image of wood picket fence
Wood Picket Fences

Wood Picket Fences

That traditional front yard look often is imagined with wood picket fences. They are particularly popular in Savannah for residential spaces and can be taller or shorter depending on your preferences and needs.


Photo of post and rail wood fence
Split Rail Wood Fence

Split Rail Wood Fences

Traditionally, split rail fences are what most people would consider farm fencing, though it can be used at any property. One of the more inexpensive styles, this open look is great for larger livestock or to mark out a property line and make a clear boundary. Some residential communities in Georgia like to use this to surround whole subdivisions.


Photo of Shadowbox wood fence and gate
Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox Wood Fences

A personal favorite for many Savannah, Georgia residences and businesses alike, shadowbox style wood fencing is a semi-private style that creates a great border and looks great on both sides of the fence with pickets on each side of the middle rails. Great for creating a look for your interior yard as well as a nice backdrop for your neighbors to see on their side. 


Photo of wood privacy stockade fence
Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Standard stockade wood fence in Savannah Georgia is what you’ll see lining many local properties. Creating a full privacy boundary, this style typically has 3 horizontal rails that are visible to the homeowner with the more decorative side of the fence facing outward.  

Explore More About Wood Fences in Savannah Georgia

For a next step in your exploration of wood fence details, visit our Wood Fence webpage for more information and great photos of wood fences we have installed in the surrounding area.

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