Fences may make excellent neighbors, but composite fencing creates fantastic ones! If you’re seeking an alternative fencing solution to traditional wood or vinyl for your Georgia privacy fence, consider a composite fence from Veterans Fence. Composite fences combine the best features of wood and vinyl, offering a stylish and durable solution that provides the privacy you desire. Continue reading to discover why the Greenwood Fence composite fencing system could be a great addition to your yard!

The Benefits of the Greenwood Fence Composite Fencing System

The Greenwood Fence composite fencing system combines aluminum rails and posts with composite panels to create a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting fence. The composite panels and boards, made of their unique Wood Plastic Composite materials, are available in a wide selection of colors, including a wood grain texture. Greenwood Fence offers customization options for height, and clients can choose from several designs to create a semi-privacy or full-privacy fence. Savannah, GA composite fences offer numerous advantages and are suitable for both commercial and residential properties.  

#1: The Durability of Aluminum Framework

Choose a composite fence with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum framework for long-lasting, dependable fencing. An aluminum framework provides stylish, rust-free support for your composite fence’s posts and rails that will last for many years.


Aluminum posts and rails offer a durable, low-maintenance fencing alternative, resistant to corrosion even in harsh weather or high humidity. Additionally, aluminum rails maintain their shape, avoiding bending or twisting, which is common with other fencing materials. At Veterans Fence, we prioritize using high-quality materials for your Georgia privacy fence, ensuring lasting beauty and strength for your property.

#2: Maintenance-Free Fencing

As one of the top-rated Georgia fence companies, we understand how valuable your time is, which is why we chose composite fencing products that require little to no maintenance. Composite fencing is designed to be durable and requires minimal maintenance.


Greenwood Fence composite fencing is constructed from a Wood Plastic Composite material with a co-extruded polymer surface barrier. This polymer surface shield keeps water from entering the fence and prevents rotting or warping, saving you money on repairs in the future.


You won’t have to sand, paint, or stain your Savannah, GA composite fence to keep it looking beautiful; in fact, the co-extruded polymer surface coating prevents colored liquids and oil-containing liquids from penetrating the fence’s surface! The Greenwood composite fencing system practically takes care of itself!

#3: An Eco-Friendly Fencing Solution

Veterans Fence is dedicated to offering eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to our Savannah, Georgia, clients. That is why we provide composite fences built from 90% recycled materials that include no toxic additives or preservatives. Choose our reputable Georgia fence company if you want to work with a company that values the environment!


These composite fences are not only environmentally friendly but also resistant to moisture, rotting, fading, and warping due to their polymer surface protection. During the manufacturing process, the shield and WPC materials are extruded together with high heat to fuse them simultaneously, eliminating the need for environmentally harmful adhesives or chemicals.

#4: Exceptional Manufacturer Warranty

We have become a top Georgia fencing contractor by employing high-quality materials that come with outstanding manufacturer warranties, and our composite materials are no different. Greenwood Fence’s composite fencing comes with a 20-year limited warranty. With this warranty, you can be confident that your composite fence will be protected year after year.


In addition to the usual manufacturer guarantee, we include a one-year labor warranty with all of our fence installations. With our company, you can be sure of the longevity of your Georgia privacy fence since we stand behind our product and provide materials backed by some of the best warranties available.

Ready to Get Started on Your Georgia Privacy Fence?

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