Among the many benefits of fence installation, there is one that might surprise you. Aside from privacy, safety, and aesthetics, having a fence may also increase the property value of your home! An attractive, expertly installed Georgia residential fence is an attractive purchase incentive for a future buyer. Even if you do not intend to sell your home, investing in a fence installation by Veterans Fence and Supply, a top-rated fencing contractor in Georgia, is a wise decision. You will be able to enjoy the improvements to your property in a variety of ways while knowing that it will pay off one day.

Increasing Property Value with a Fence in Savannah, Georgia

A fence is a desirable feature that can help you sell your home faster. If a potential buyer has children or pets or appreciates some extra privacy, they may choose to purchase your home over another if it has an appealing, well-maintained fence! As an expert fencing contractor in Georgia, we’d like to share some reasons why adding a fence to your property will increase its value. 

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Your Georgia Residential Fence

An attractive fence can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s the classic white picket fence around a garden, the clean look of vinyl, or a modern dark stained wood, it’s difficult to deny the charm that a fence adds. Fences can be beautiful and add an inviting appeal to a home. Improving your home’s curb appeal will improve the overall first impression when you welcome guests and potential buyers.

A Fence Can Add Protection for Kids and Pets

Potential buyers with small children and pets may be hesitant to buy a home without a fence, and they’re often willing to pay a premium for homes with fences already installed. People who have children or are planning to have children prioritize a safe environment. A well-kept fence in your garden will provide the level of protection that many individuals seek. If your home is in an area with a lot of traffic, the usefulness of a fence becomes even more important. Choosing an expert fencing contractor in Georgia, such as Veterans Fence, ensures that they properly install your fence, providing trustworthy protection.

Privacy Fencing Solutions in Georgia 

Another advantage of a Georgia residential fence is the private feeling that a walled perimeter surrounding your property can create. A potential homebuyer will likely appreciate a border fence, especially for the backyard space if there are neighbors close by. Fences can also improve security by including an entry door in the fenced portion of the yard, making it more difficult for unwelcome individuals to gain access to your home. 

Enhancing Pool Safety with a Secure Fence

Even if your home does not currently have a pool, knowing that a fence is in place will be an enormous advantage if a potential buyer decides to build one in the future. Any outdoor swimming pool in Savannah, Georgia, must have a gated fence that meets certain legal requirements. A pool fence with a gate is a crucial safety measure, especially for children and pets who aren’t proficient swimmers. Always check with your local town guidelines or call your friendly fencing contractor in Georgia for advice.

Popular Types of Georgia Residential Fences

Installing a residential fence in Georgia can boost the value of your home. As you decide what you want, you can choose from several styles that meet your specific needs and budget. If your fence is built by a reputable company with quality materials and maintained properly over time, it has the potential to increase the value of your home when you decide to sell. The fencing experts at Veterans Fence and Supply can help you discover the best solution for your budget and needs!

Georgia Wood Fences 

Our wood fencing is an excellent solution for your property because of its beauty and affordability. A wood fence blends in well with any environment or style of home in Savannah, Georgia. One of the greatest characteristics of wood is its adaptability and low cost compared to other materials. You can customize the height, design, and color of a residential wood fence in ways that most other fencing materials cannot. Wood fencing options are well-known for adding natural beauty to yards in the Savannah, Georgia, area.

Vinyl Fencing in Savannah, Georgia

If you like the look of wood but are concerned about the material’s durability, a vinyl fence is a perfect solution. Furthermore, the gorgeous white vinyl will not fade and can withstand the Savannah, Georgia, environment. Vinyl fences require minimal maintenance to continue looking brand new. With many different styles available for vinyl fences, you are sure to find a look that suits your needs and that will complement the look of your home. 

Chain Link Fencing in Savannah

Residential chain link fence options in Savannah, Georgia combine simplicity and strength to provide a quick and easy way to protect your home and land at lower costs than other materials. There are several choices for improving the appearance and even the durability of your fence. Chain link fences can last up to 20 years, especially if you choose the PVC or polymer coating options. Chain link fencing is one of the more affordable options and can create a perfect backyard fence for children and pets.   

Savannah, Georgia, Aluminum Fences

Aluminum residential fencing is an attractive and virtually maintenance-free fencing option that creates an ageless, classic appearance and is an excellent choice for a fence that creates a strong border. While an aluminum fence does not provide much privacy, it is a fantastic choice for protecting and beautifying your home while also adding value. Many homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, prefer aluminum fencing due to its low maintenance, excellent durability, and longevity, even though it comes with a higher upfront price.


Every reason you have for choosing a fence will meet a need for your home while simultaneously improving the overall look and value of your home. Whatever your preferences are, we can help you choose the perfect Georgia residential fence!

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