A long-lasting fence is crucial for any home. That is why Veterans Fence, a top-rated fencing contractor in Georgia, installs our fence posts using a no-dig approach that outperforms and differs from typical fence installation techniques. Let us explain everything you need to know about our no-dig method and how it distinguishes us from other Georgia fencing contractors. Continue reading to discover the benefits of no-dig fencing from Veterans Fence!

What is a No-Dig Georgia Residential Fence?

We prioritize high-quality Georgia residential fence installation techniques by using a no-dig fence approach and installing all of our posts with a post driver. Driving fence posts enables us to safely install your fence posts deep into the earth without creating a mess in your yard or pouring significant amounts of concrete.

As previously stated, many fence contractors use the traditional method of installing fences, which involves digging huge holes and then setting the fence posts in concrete. While this technique is usually initially effective, it is a messy, time-consuming process that does not last as long as our no-dig method.

Allow us to show you all of the benefits of using a superior fencing contractor in Georgia who drives their fence posts!

The Benefits of Driving Fence Posts by a Savannah, GA Fence Company

1. A Faster and Efficient Approach to Fencing 

When working with any other fencing contractor in Georgia, the installation team will arrive at your property with shovels and a crew ready to dig numerous holes in your yard, each at least several feet deep. To prevent posts from being shifted when the earth freezes, the holes must not only be relatively deep but also wider at the bottom and smooth on all sides. As you might guess, this is a dirty, time-consuming operation that will most certainly leave lots of piles of dirt in your yard.


When you hire Veterans Fence, we arrive with our post driver and sink your new fence posts deep into the ground without disturbing any dirt! By using post drivers, we can ensure that your fence posts are set evenly and driven deep enough into the ground each time.


Best of all, our no-dig technology eliminates the need to wait for your Georgia fence company to mix and install many bags of concrete, not to mention the time wasted waiting for it to cure so installation can continue! 


Prior to installation, we take great care to ensure that your soil is suitable for driving posts. We don’t need concrete to keep your Savannah, Georgia residential fence posts firmly in place thanks to soil conditions and an awareness of our local landscape. With Veterans Fence, you will no longer have to wait for concrete to dry! When you need a new Georgia residential or commercial fence fast, Veterans Fence is your best option!

2. Our Mess-Free No-Dig Method

You may be asking yourself, if I choose another Georgia fencing contractor, what happens to all that dirt after all of the post holes are dug? Unfortunately, many local contractors who construct fences do not provide this information, leaving customers with piles of dirt scattered across their yards!

When you work with our reputable fencing contractor in Georgia, you won’t have to worry about dirt piles left behind. When we employ our no-dig installation method, our posts are firmly driven into the solid ground with a post driver. A post driver is a mechanical or gas-powered machine that sinks posts into the ground without the need to pre-dig holes.

Not only do we keep your yard neat, but we also provide a free, quick online instant quote to all of our customers—just one more way we prioritize our customers and separate ourselves from other fencing contractors in Georgia!

3. Ensuring Lasting Quality for Your Savannah, Georgia Residential Fence 

Depend on your fence contractor to install a resilient Savannah, Georgia residential fence that can withstand the unique challenges of the Savannah area. We prioritize the stability of your fence against any potential soil-related concerns. A no-dig fence, utilizing innovative installation methods, eliminates the need for extensive digging and concrete usage. This not only preserves the integrity of the soil, preventing any soil-related shifts but also ensures a quicker and more efficient installation process.

Savannah’s mild climate allows for year-round installation, and a no-dig fence provides a reliable and durable barrier without disrupting the natural landscape. Additionally, the reduced environmental impact makes it an eco-friendly choice for homeowners seeking a sustainable and low-maintenance Georgia residential fence solution.

Exceptional Service from a Trusted Fencing Contractor in Georgia

Finding the perfect Savannah residential fence company can be a challenge. Veterans Fence sets itself apart from the competition with superior fence installation methods, extensive experience, and a multitude of positive customer reviews. Curious to see what our satisfied customers have to say? Explore our testimonials page to read the firsthand experiences that demonstrate our dedication to excellence.

If you are looking for a high-quality fence that will allow you to quickly and easily add a layer of security and seclusion to your property, consider working with our reputable Savannah, Georgia fence company and letting us show you why we enjoy driving our fence posts. If you need more ideas for your next Georgia residential fence project, visit our photo gallery to see more of our completed projects!

Veterans Fence: Offering The Finest Georgia Residential Fence Solutions 

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