After admiring all the beautiful fences in your community, you might find yourself overcome with fence envy and become eager to install one yourself! But have you ever considered the challenge of installing a beautiful fence on your hilly property? Fear not, for Veterans Fence is here! As your trusted Georgia fence company, we specialize in installing a wide range of stunning fences on inclines and hills!


Keep reading to learn about the most common methods for installing a residential fence on an incline from Veterans Fence’s experts.

What Do I Need to Know About Installing a Georgia Residential Fence on an Incline?

One of the most important things to remember before building a fence on a sloped yard is that you do not need to level your land! Our Georgia fence company’s fence installation experts have the skills and experience to install a fence in challenging situations, including sloped or uneven terrain. If moving dirt and flattening hills with heavy machinery sounds like a hassle, contact us today!


It is also important to understand that fences installed on steep slopes or hills may require special upkeep. Hills are prone to soil erosion, making fence posts unstable over time. To prevent collapses, you should frequently examine your fence, monitor regions of erosion, and replace soil as needed. 


Fences installed on inclines have the same customizing options and styles as fences installed on flat terrain. Whether you prefer the low-maintenance requirements of a lovely vinyl fence, the elegance of a traditional aluminum fence, or the natural beauty of a wood fence, our Georgia fence company offers many options to meet your needs! 

Exploring Installation Techniques for Fencing on an Inclined Terrain

There are two popular methods for installing fences along inclines: stepping or racking. Each of these installation methods has advantages and disadvantages, and our team of fence experts is here to help you make the best choice for your Georgia residential fence.

Savannah, Georgia’s Racked Fencing Solutions

Racking is the most common method for installing a fence along a slope or incline. Racked fences follow the slope of the ground to give a uniform appearance. A racked fence has the bottom of each fence picket aligned with the ground, which means that each picket is somewhat lower than the one before it as you progress down the slope. Individual fence posts are also set somewhat lower than the post preceding it. This approach creates a fence with pickets that are close to the ground, giving your residential fence a uniform and smooth aspect.


If you choose to install a vinyl fence on a slope, the top and bottom rails will be placed at an angle, resulting in a uniform top and bottom edge between each fence post. The same goes for a decorative aluminum fence. This technique ensures that your fence sits nearly flat with the ground and prevents anything from going under it, including your beloved pets!


While racking is the most common method for building a Georgia residential fence on an incline, it is not appropriate for all locations. Racked fences are ideal for yards with less steep inclines. If you want to put a fence on your property with steeper hills, consider a stepped fence instead! 

Savannah, Georgia’s Stepped Fencing Solutions

Racked fences produce a smooth rail line, but stepped fences produce a rail line that resembles stairs or steps. Stepped fencing is ideal for properties that have steep hills and inclines. A stepped fence, similar to a racked fence, is installed with each post slightly lower than the one before it. However, the top and bottom rails are perpendicular to the rails and not aligned to the ground, giving the appearance of a series of steps.


When installing an aluminum or vinyl stepped fence, you will notice a triangular gap separating the ground and bottom rail. This gap may allow smaller pets or animals to escape your yard, therefore, this option is not ideal for all properties. 

Expert Installation for Your Georgia Residential Fence

The decision to install a stepped or racked fence on an incline is entirely personal, depending on your preferences, property, and individual requirements. If you have any questions, our team of knowledgeable and pleasant professionals is ready to help! Visit our testimonial page for confidence and insight into our commitment to client satisfaction!

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