If you’ve decided that it’s time to install a brand new fence around your property, then you’ll want to take some time to compare the different material options that are available to you. If you are looking for an attractive yet low-maintenance option, then you are likely going to be considering either an aluminum or vinyl fence. 

As a trusted Savannah, Georgia fence company, Veterans Fence & Supply is here to share our knowledge and give you all the information on these two popular fencing options so that you can make an educated decision on what type of fence will best suit your needs!  


When choosing your fence, it’s important to consider its intended purpose.  Compare certain factors related to privacy, height, and security to gain clarity on the differences between vinyl fences and aluminum fences. 

If you want to create more privacy that prevents your neighbors from having a view of your backyard, vinyl might be the better option. Vinyl fences are a good choice as they have pickets that are arranged to form closed panels, making it almost impossible to see through the fence itself. The pickets on an aluminum fence are spaced further apart, so it’s possible to get a clear view through the fence into the yard. 

If you want a more open feel to your backyard and prefer the look of vinyl, it is possible to create the open look that aluminum provides with a vinyl fence material. If you would prefer not to block your own view of the surrounding area or perhaps around a pool, vinyl or aluminum could both meet your needs. 

Height is another consideration if the goal of your fence is privacy or if one of your concerns is securing your pets on your property or keeping unwanted animals out. Vinyl and aluminum fences are both available at a height of up to six feet, which provides adequate coverage.

If security is one of your top priorities, then aluminum might be the best option. Aluminum fences feature very strong pickets that make it very difficult to cut through. The addition of pointed pickets to the top of an aluminum fence creates a barrier that is difficult to climb over and may act as a deterrent to an intruder.


As much as function is a key factor when choosing a fence, how a fence looks is just as important. Choosing a fence that fits the aesthetic of the rest of your property is a big consideration.

Both aluminum and vinyl fences offer appearances that lend themselves to a variety of styles and can provide many options that are classic, modern, and elegant for your Savannah, Georgia residential fence. If you prefer an elegant look, you might opt for an aluminum fence with decorative pickets and ornamental details. A white vinyl fence with its pickets spaced a bit apart or in solid panels will create a classic look that can accentuate your landscaping. Depending on the style and color of your home and property, either vinyl or aluminum could elevate the look of both. 


While aluminum and vinyl fences tend to have a higher price point than their counterparts, the higher initial investment is easily offset by the low maintenance needs and long-lasting qualities of both types of material. 

The price of your fence is going to vary depending on the length, style, and specific requirements for your particular property. A convenient way to explore some of the cost comparisons is by taking advantage of our easy-to-use instant quote tool. By entering some basic information, you will be able to get a good idea as to how much your fence project will cost while comparing different options.  

Care Requirements

Both vinyl and aluminum are popular options with our customers due to their low maintenance qualities. Unlike wood that can rot, fade or split without significant maintenance, or chain link fencing that is more functional than attractive, both vinyl and aluminum are long-lasting and will give you years of use while maintaining their like-new appearance

To keep your vinyl fence in tip-top shape, all that is needed is a simple wash once in a while. If you notice a stain or a mark on the fence, there is no need for harsh chemicals or cleaners – soap and water will easily remove it. The same applies to an aluminum fence. Just an occasional wash will keep it looking new. Other than that, not much attention is needed. 


In terms of longevity, aluminum definitely takes the top place. A high-quality aluminum fence can last for 50 years with proper care. A well-looked-after vinyl fence can last longer than 20 years, so whichever fence you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a long time before you have to worry about replacing it! 

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