If you’re considering installing a new fence around your property, you may be tempted to go the DIY route. After all, it’s just a matter of putting a few posts in the ground and attaching fence panels, right? Plus, DIY is a lot cheaper! This all may sound great, but in reality, there is a lot that goes into installing a good quality, long-lasting fence, and a DIY fence project could end up costing you more in the long run! Before you decide, read on to see if installing your own fence is right for you.

5 Reasons Not to DIY Your Fence

Fences are on display at every local big box home improvement store, so you may be wondering if it’s really worth it to hire a professional to install your Savannah, Georgia residential fence. Before spending your time, money and energy on purchasing and installing a fence yourself, let’s look at a few important things you need to consider. 

1. You Want a Fence that Will Last

Apart from the initial cost, the difference between a residential fence that is installed by a professional Savannah, Georgia fence company and a DIY project might be hard to see in the beginning, but over time it can become very apparent. Giving the job to a professional company like Veterans Fence & Supply ensures that your new fence is built with only the best quality materials that typically aren’t available directly to consumers and will be securely installed, guaranteeing that it will stand for years!


Veteran Fence & Supply offers professional grade, durable, and custom styles that aren’t found in big box stores. Whether you are looking for aluminum, wood, vinyl, or chain link fencing, Veterans Fence & Supply has the knowledge and tools to install your fence right. In addition to the superior quality of materials accessible through a Savannah, Georgia fence company, the quality of installation is a huge factor to consider when you think about how long your fence will last. A DIY project runs the risk of mistakes that can cause leaning, collapsing, or other issues that will require significant repair and maintenance in the future. 

2. Installing a Fence is Labor Intensive

Even though you may think installing a fence is easy, it really is harder than it looks. While you may have the tools necessary to make the job of digging posts a little easier, it is still a very strenuous task that can be made more difficult depending on the type of soil on your property. It is critical that the post holes be placed very carefully, dug to a specific depth, and then filled with concrete, which is another difficult task. The majority of yards aren’t level, and a fence installed with improperly placed posts on uneven ground has the high potential of leaning or collapsing down the road. 

3. You Want a Warranty

It is not uncommon for a properly installed and well-maintained fence to last for decades. In the case that a problem arises after Veterans Fence & Supply completes the installation of your fence, you have the benefit of our one-year workmanship warranty in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty that is attached to the product. If issues arise with your DIY fence, there is no recourse. You will have to handle all material issues yourself and make any fence repairs on your own. Whether a storm knocks your fence over or craftsmanship problems arise over time, the protection of a warranty from a Savannah, Georgia fence company like Veterans Fence & Supply will give you peace of mind.

4. You Want to Work with a Professional Team

The expertise and knowledge offered by a professional Savannah, Georgia fence company is very important when it comes to factors including property lines, utility lines, or pipes that could be underground. Even your choice of materials is very important. Where you live, the size of your property and the reason behind wanting a fence have a huge bearing on the type and style of fence you choose. The years of experience of the team at Veterans Fence & Supply can save you from costly mistakes. 

5. Following Regulations and Permit Requirements

A highly rated Savannah, Georgia fence company like Veterans Fence & Supply will handle any permits and approvals needed for your project as opposed to taking the time to handle the process yourself if you choose to DIY. In addition to the necessary permits, certain homeowners associations (HOAs) might require approval for your fence installation from their organization separately. Depending on where you live, there is the possibility that an HOA could mandate that residents work with a licensed Savannah, Georgia fence company to install a fence in the community. 

Save Time and Invest in the Best Savannah, Georgia Residential Fence!

Veterans Fence & Supply is guaranteed to save our customers valuable time and energy by providing exceptional service and customer care that will eliminate the stress of a DIY fence project. We’re confident that once you’ve researched the pros and cons associated with a DIY fence installation, you’ll see that the cons definitely outweigh the pros! While the cost of a DIY fence can seem lower at first glance, working with us as your Savannah, Georgia Fence Company provides value that will exceed the initial investment for years to come. 

Ditch the DIY Idea and Call Your Savannah, Georgia Fence Company Today! 

Veterans Fence & Supply is proud to say that we are here for all of your fencing needs, so you don’t have to do it yourself! Our professional workmanship and high-quality materials are the clear winner over DIY for your new Savannah, Georgia residential fence. Use our convenient online instant quote tool to receive a preliminary quote and then give us a call at (912) 407-0570 or contact us through our website to speak to one of our experienced team members today!